Digest: December 2022

Language as Water

Grug Muse, Wales Arts Review

‘There is no word in English that conveys the difference between Cymraeg and Cymreig. Both meanings – Cymraeg, meaning something pertaining to the Welsh language, and Cymreig, something pertaining to Wales – are squeezed into the English word ‘Welsh’. A language is not a country. It’s a universe, and when you shift between one and the other the nature of reality shifts slightly with you. When llynnoedd change into lakes, nentydd into streams their nature changes slightly also.’

Safe Substitutes for Posting

Harold Florida, Damage

‘one task for intellectuals and writers is to provoke cognitive experience that opens up thinking to be more than regimentation, desire more than addiction, experience more than algorithm.’

The Poememenon: Form as Occult Technology

Amy Ireland, Urbanomic

‘Works devoid of characters, setting, imagery, linearity, and plot quietly proliferate in cyberspace, leaving a cold arrangement of signs that fail to transport one anywhere save upriver in a much more real sense than Conrad’s Kurtz’s metaphorical journey ever did. It is the poememenon’s investment in form over content that testifies to complicity with the spiral. An accelerating poetics that pushes against the crumbling threshold of human intelligibility, edging towards the realization of Bataille’s cyclonic prophecy: ‘what matters is not the enunciation of the wind, but the wind’.

Opposing forces.

Peter Riley, Fortnightly Review

‘The poetry creates the land, and if we don’t create it ourselves we shall just have to live in somebody else’s miscreation’