Fighting Austerity’s ‘New Wave’

After the Johnson administration’s cynical conciliation with the ‘Red Wall’, and the punitive overcorrection of the Truss disaster, austerity has once again assumed its central place in British politics. The Tory government warns of ‘difficult decisions’ and ‘spending reductions’1 the Labour front bench stresses the need to be ‘fiscally disciplined’; the press predicts a ‘new wave of…

Transphobia and the Break-Up of Britain

It should come as no surprise that the UK’s most visible victimisation of a marginalised group at present – the war on trans rights – should become so intertwined with the fight to suppress secessionist movements in the state’s peripheries.

The popularity of the Welsh language

The Welsh language appears to be very popular these days. Particularly thanks to this year’s World Cup, where the FAW’s adoption of ‘Yma O Hyd’ has helped catapult Cymraeg to a degree of prominence hitherto unforeseen, prompting a curiosity about Welsh culture and history that reaches far beyond this country’s borders.

No more princes, no more masters

In the days following the death of Elizabeth II, it would appear that Wales is far from immune from the hysteria surrounding the British monarchy’s transition from one figurehead to another.

Selling Wrexham’s Welshness

After almost two years of starstruck delirium, there finally appears to be a sense of unease surrounding Wrexham AFC’s ‘Hollywood takeover’.

Preaching to the Choir

It’s bizarre that there is widespread shock at this forthright admission of zeal for class war and wealth transference, for such sentiments are demonstrated acutely in every political project the Tories have embarked upon since 2010.

On Monadism

The deeply embedded discontentment in the collective unconscious of British culture is plainly palpable in all aspects of life in this country.